Food & Exercise Diaries

November 2nd Food Diary

Net calories – 715

Managed to wake up early (thanks in part to daylight savings ending) and get to a cafe to do some work in the morning, then right after I came home and ate lunch, I started feeling nauseous and had bad stomach cramps again… but worse than yesterday. And it lasted longer. I guess my mushroom polenta probably went bad during the potluck–this is why I never make or eat leftovers. 😦

Because of it, I couldn’t go to the gym–I’m going crazy!

Polenta in the making

Exercise: Walked 2 miles

Food Diary


  • Soy americano: 55


  • Mushroom polenta: 205
  • Vegan cookie: 130


  • Apple butter, walnut butter, toast: 310


  • Dates in cashew butter: 170


  • N/A

Total: 870   |      Exercise: 155

Net: 715

Protein: 35g 

2 thoughts on “November 2nd Food Diary”

  1. Aw sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well 😦 Hmm I usually pack leftovers for an entire week of lunches (M-F) and it is okay. I think you just have to be careful for that dish to have a serving spoon, and never to use a spoon that has been in anyone’s mouth to handle the dish. If you were at a potluck, there’s probably a high chance of contamination. But if you are normally careful about it, then I guess there are probably some foods which are more susceptible and you could be extra sensitive as well. Feel better!!!


    1. Awh thank you 🙂 And I always see everyone else packing leftovers but I have such bad luck with old food, every time! I always thought it was an overly sensitive stomach, but contamination could definitely be it.

      I guess if I ever get myself to start the habit of making food on the weekends for the week, I’ll make sure to be really careful about what touches what! (I spend way, way too much time cooking every day..)


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