Food & Exercise Diaries

November 5th Food Diary

Net calories – 1510

I spent all day studying for my exam at 2, and had an intense case of the munchies. I kept getting incredibly drowsy (despite lots of caffeine) and then eating to wake myself up! I’m hoping this was just a one time thing and that my body now feels all nice and refueled so it will let me stop eating like a maniac… also hoping my stress levels will go down soon, though I do have 2 more papers to write and another midterm next week.

Also, I’m STILL sore from lifting 2 days ago–my body just does not want to recover! And it’s not just typical DOMS, but rather joint soreness (complete with cracking shoulders) that feels like a bad idea to lift with. Looking forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow, though.

Ate like a typical college student for once: takeout at my computer! (Though still too way healthy for your average college student)

Exercise: Walked 4 miles

Food Diary


  • Banana avocado buckwheat porridge: 470


  • Whole wheat bagel with hummus and veggies: 400
  • Tea: 35


  • 1/2 whole foods burrito: 300
  • Apple and almond butter: 255


  • Rice cakes, tofurkey, dried pear, fresh pear, chocolate: 380


  • N/A

Total: 1840   |      Exercise: 330

Net: 1510

Protein: 75g 

4 thoughts on “November 5th Food Diary”

  1. That’s half a burrito!? It’s ginormous! And it looks delicious I’m totally coveting it right now haha. Nice job on the protein today and hope you feel ready to lift again tomorrow!


    1. Oh whoops, that was the burrito with about a half inch eaten! I don’t think they make tortillas big enough to accommodate a burrito twice that size XD And thank you! 🙂


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