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End of Hiatus + Inspired by a Friend

Hello everyone, I’m back again at last! I’ll be getting back to posting food diaries (and recipes!) now, especially as finals and Christmas approach. My main goals right now are weight loss, and trying to make my diet almost entirely fruits, vegetables, vegan proteins, and the occasional grain, because my body is very upset after the Thanksgiving holiday. I had far too much socializing going on over the last month, meaning a lot of vegan junkfood: pastries, cashew lasagna, and ultra-buttery (well, Earth balance-y) mashed sweet potatoes, to name a few!

So right now I’m trying to keep my calories as low as I can while making sure my mind can still function at or near maximum capacity for finals. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting back to lifting until I’ve shed some of the fat as the lifting was making me insanely hungry, and causing me back problems (which always worsen with finals due to hours of hunched-over studying). Wish me luck!

And, more importantly, one of the reasons I’ve returned today: I’ve been inspired by my friend Lauren’s lovely new blog at Medjools&Tattoos! She’s a fellow vegan and is following a high carb low fat lifestyle, is into weight lifting (and a future trainer, I’d say!), and is much better at writing than I am. Not to mention a fellow cafe addict.

So, if you like veganism, food, fitness, or witty writing, you should head on over to her brand new blog! ❤

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