Food & Exercise Diaries

December 4th Food Diary

Calories – 785

I hadn’t been feeling so well for the first few days of December, but I finally got my energy back! And I’m loving how intermittent fasting has been working for me, but sadly I had to eat breakfast at 10am this time instead of my usual noon meal, because I had class at 11.

But my new general plan has been working out wonderfully: tea/coffee in the morning, medium-sized meal at noon, and a big big multi-part meal at night that makes me feel like I’m feasting–complete with a fruit-filled dessert! And of course, most of my food is nutrient packed veggies, fruit, and vegan protein, so I feel satisfied and healthy on relatively few calories. 🙂 (Though keep in mind my body only uses 1000 cals a day when resting, so 800 is still not that little weightloss-wise!)

I also discovered the joy of diet root beer–finally something to stave off the night snacking!

Caramelized banana porridge is kind of my thing: whether it’s a steel cut oat, rolled oat, quinoa, or buckwheat groat base!

Food Diary


  • Coffee: 45
  • Steel cut oats with caramelized banana: 280


  • Baby carrots: 30


  • Cucumber kale salad + rosemary-garlic mushrooms and mashed cauliflower + chocolate avocado-banana mousse: 405


  • Tea: 25


  • N/A

Total: 785   |      Exercise: 295 (walked 3.5 miles)

Net: 490

Protein: 35g 

6 thoughts on “December 4th Food Diary”

    1. My RDA is 40g, so I usually get >40g, but was accidentally a little bit low yesterday because I forgot to put protein powder in my mousse. Also this is only a temporary diet–I usually eat ~1300 cals and 60g+ protein.

      The funny thing is, Americans tend to get too much protein rather than too little (in fact 2x too much on average)–the RDA is considered an overestimate (for “safety margin”). I used to be paranoid about getting enough, but I’ve learned that we tend to massively overestimate the importance of protein, likely in part due to the average Western consumer’s love of meat, dairy, and eggs. 😛
      I do appreciate the concern, though! 🙂


      1. I would argue the opposite is true, in fact. That we don’t get nearly enough and underestimate the thermogenic benefits of it as far as weight loss is concerned. And that the benefits of diets such as paleo and ketogenics with people that make a shift from “traditional” diets of higher carbohydrates and see improvements aren’t due to some magic, but that they are forced to consume more protein leading to higher satiety, preservation of LBM during deficit, and the aforementioned thermogenic benefits.

        Not saying you’re “wrong,” but that we have differing perspectives on the subject matter. I’m a protein fanboy, you see.


      2. I feel like we’re arguing two different things: you’re arguing for the benefits of protein, most of which I agree with, but not the /absolutely necessary/ amount of protein needed to function well. There are benefits to every macro choice (like high carb lifestyle, which many, many people see benefits from), and it’s really dependent on individual needs. I tried a keto diet for awhile, and it didn’t work out for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for others. Which is why I’m not going on high protein blogs and telling them they’re eating too much protein!

        I think the main problem with the average high protein consumer is that they’re consuming /everything/ in excess, leading to obesity. I have nothing against well-planned high protein diets. So I think we’re both essentially in agreement. 🙂

        (But keep in mind, much of the satiety in keto/paleo comes from fat, so you can’t really control for the effects of protein. Though the LBM and thermogenic effects have been shown in studies)


      3. Most problems with most diets are incidental, yes. Like when people say “diet soda causes weight gain,” and attribute it to the soda itself and not the fact that people who drink it consume more calories from other sources. Those sort of facts are completely ignored.

        And yes, long-term satiety is attributed to fat. Much isn’t the term I’d use, but we are in general agreement which is good enough for me. Carbs are better at short-term satiety as well.

        By the way sorry if I came off accusatory or belligerent, I just dig these sort of discussions.


      4. Not a problem at all! Sorry if I responded as if you were–I’m just used to getting jabs about “you’re vegan so you’re protein deficient and going to die!!!” from less intelligent/informed people. And they usually don’t want to “discuss” anything: they want to lecture me on the inherent virtues of meat.

        I do enjoy discussions, though, as I’m a bit of a nutrition junkie. And you’re right: there’s far too often that confounding factor in nutrition studies, since it’s impossible to truly control for much. All I know is I love fat and could never do 80/10/10!


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