First Time Attempting a Video!

I’ve been wanting to make videos for this blog for awhile, and finally decided to stop being shy and just do it already. (In part thanks to my fellow vegan blogger I mentioned yesterday!)

I’m pretty much world’s worst public speaker–or, camera speaker, rather–so this is completely new territory for me. Let me know if I should keep making more, or if you have any specific requests! (And hopefully I’d improve with practice :P) First order of business: lower the number of “like”s. Such is the curse of growing up in Southern California. 😉

Also, any likes or subscribes would be greatly appreciated. ❤

2 thoughts on “First Time Attempting a Video!”

  1. Good job on your first video!! So cool you’re at UC Berkeley, and in Neuroscience – that’s really awesome. I applied there for grad school (in Nutrition actually!) but I turned in the application late sooo I’m sure that didn’t go over well, and I think it was a reach school for me anyway (since I have a business background). Btw the squirrel lab sounds hilarious

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    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Awh man, application timing is really a pain, isn’t it? I’ll be applying to grad school in a year, so I’ll get to experience it too, soon…
      Oh that’s so cool, I’ve always loved business! In fact I was formerly double majoring in economics along with the neuro but realized I couldn’t focus well enough on the latter for grad school. You could start a nutrition-related business 😛
      (And the squirrels are quite fabulous, I must say.)


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