Food & Exercise Diaries

December 5th Food Diary

Calories – 1050

I spent a good chunk of the day recording my first vlog (last post), plus another video about how to make my favorite super simple sweet potato dish! Hopefully that one will be usable, though I’m still kinda in practice-mode.

Thanks so much to everyone who looked at the first video! Hopefully I’ll get some youtube subscribers someday, although I’m not entirely sure how to generate traffic 😛

Oh yeah, small victory of the day: my friend offered me vegan cupcakes, and I resisted without a problem! The thought of eating them didn’t cross my mind–I’m really loving the super clean eating lately. The thought of pastries isn’t even all that appetizing anymore now that I’ve “detoxed” with lots of fruits and veggies (and no pastries or added sugar or flours, etc.), for about five days now!


Food Diary


  • Coffee and tea: 70


  • Salad, vegan chicken + sweet potato with coconut butter: 335


  • Kale, mushroom, vegan sausage over cauliflower rice + chocolate avocado mousse: 400


  • Dates: 60
  • Pecans: 90
  • Rice cakes: 100


  • N/A

Total: 1050   |      Exercise: 170

Net: 880

Protein: 42g 

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