Food & Exercise Diaries

December 6th Food Diary

Calories – 1655

My lab had a holiday party from 3-6, and I assumed there would be no vegan food, so I pre-ate–a typical vegan thing to do. Unfortunately, it turns out my grad student instructor (who runs the lab) is the sweetest person ever–well, maybe that’s not so unfortunate–because she made almost everything vegan! She made vegan cupcakes, special no-sugar-added peanut butter cups for me, and even bought vegan cheese. And it was all for me, or at least that’s the vibe I got. I felt awful for eating beforehand, but let her know that I pre-ate to explain why I wouldn’t be having as much as the others.

I hadn’t initially planned to eat anything at all there, but ended up having the cashew cheese on baguette/crackers, along with baby carrots, spiced nuts, and one of the homemade peanut butter cups. So my calorie count went through the roof, which I’m not happy about. I did, however, avoid the cupcakes, so it wasn’t a total failure–that’s two days in a row of resisting vegan cupcakes being offered directly to me! And I also got lucky because two of the other interns revealed they were lactose intolerant, so the fact that most of the food was dairy-free ended up being good for them too–so I didn’t feel quite as bad for not eating more.

So, despite the super high calories, I still kept my eating pretty darn clean. 🙂 It was all worth it because a) it was fun to hang out with everyone in a non-lab context and b) I learned that the animal cognition professor in charge of the lab (along with the grad student instructor) also loves clean eating so we talked about gluten free diets, juicing, and the wonders of non-dairy ice cream!

And hopefully all this extra food will help kick back the cold I feel coming on.

Squirrel cookies! (which are relevant if you saw my first vlog)

Food Diary


  • Sweet potato buckwheat pancakes with coconut butter: 350
  • Tea and coffee: 65


  • Acai bowl: 395


  • Baguette, spiced nuts, carrots, cashew cheese, peanut butter cup: 735


  • Dates: 60
  • Rice cake: 50

Total: 1655   |      Exercise: 255

Net: 1400

Protein: 55g 

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