Food & Exercise Diaries

December 7th Food Diary

Calories – 705

Today was my attempt at an apple mono diet, which I also made a vlog about! (I’ll post it here when I upload it)

The apple mono means I tried to eat only apples for the day, because some people claim crazy sudden weight loss/”detox”/loss of cravings from doing that. Plus I had more apples than I knew what to do with. So, I figured–why not do a little science experiment on myself?

I felt sick after the first meal of apples because they seemed to trigger my childhood apple allergy, so I ate fewer than intended throughout the day. So although 1/5 of a pound can be attributed to the caloric deficit, I lost half a pound! I’ll update if I gain it back tomorrow. I don’t exactly feel detoxed or anything, though.

So, I wouldn’t exactly recommend this unless you are a huge fan of apples. Plus it lacks in fats and proteins so probably dangerous if done for an extended period of time, of course. (Although maybe high carb vegans would argue otherwise!)

My verdict is… 3/10 would not do again. Although I would do a dark chocolate mono again, because yay fat/protein/iron/antixoidants. Maybe I’ll do that soon and do another post about it 😉

Me setting up camera focus for the video, and being tired.

Food Diary


  • 1.5 apples: 165


  • 2 apples: 220


  • 2.5 apples: 275


  • Tea with soy: 45

Total: 705  |      Exercise: 175

Net: 530

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