Food & Exercise Diaries

December 9th Food Diary

Calories – 1300

High cal day–it seems like my natural way of eating is a 2 days down, 1 day up cycle! I felt pretty sick in the morning, so I had a bagel at 2pm for breakfast/lunch as a treat of sorts. Though it made me more nauseous in a way.

Dinner was nicer: all veggies, followed by fruits. Eating that way always feels so clean and wonderful. And the Victoria’s secret fashion show was lovely as always!

Cabbage mushroom miso, and lemon pepper carrot noodles and broccoli!

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 90
  • Donut hole: 110


  • Whole wheat bagel with daiya and tomatoes: 450
  • Rice cakes and pecan butter: 200


  • Cabbage soup, carrot-broccoli salad, berry smoothie bowl: 400


  • Apple: 55

Total: 1300   |      Exercise: 275

Net: 1025

Protein: 45g 

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