Food & Exercise Diaries

December 13th Food Diary

Calories – 1645

Binge day. I came up with a recipe for raw caramel bars last night. The good news: they were amazing. The bad news: they’re incredibly calorie dense, and they’re so amazing, they caused a binge. And I binged on them this morning. 😦

I’m pretty sure this is by far the biggest binge I’ve ever had, by about 3x calorie wise. The thing is, they’re 100 cals per tiny little square, so it wasn’t that much by volume. But I’ve moved on and gotten back on track, so I’ll treat it as a bit of a refeed day. (Still unacceptable, of course. But not completely without benefits for future weight loss.)

I didn’t want to eat for the rest of the day but I felt like I had to get some veggies and protein in or else I’d be spiraling towards crazy blood sugar and cravings for days. Then another residual mini binge on dates happened as a result of having to eat the veggies and protein and stressing about it. Sometimes I make no sense.

The raw caramel bars I came up with–If only I could eat them in moderation.

Bodyweight exercise: 20 mins

Food Diary


  • Raw caramel bars: 1270


  • Shirataki noodle soup: 85


  • Vegan chicken, broccoli, kale, over cauli rice: 130


  • Dates: 120
  • Pear: 90

Total: 1645 |      Exercise: 140

Net: 1505

Protein: 45g 

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