Food & Exercise Diaries

December 14th Food Diary

Calories – 1025

Unfortunately the date addiction continues, but it’s getting less bad. Picking up medjools was a terrible, yet delicious, idea. I used to only eat deglet dates because they were pre-pitted and I’m not a fan of getting sticky fingers, but Whole Foods stopped selling them so I had to get medjools! (First world problems, I know.)

And medjools are like magic.

In other news, I came up with a new sauce for my spaghetti squash: mushroom “alfredo”! It was so good, it would be worth serving to my skeptical non-vegan friends and family. I was ecstatic about it, at least.

I also finally had some time and energy to get back to the gym (despite having my first final the next morning), and did some running. Soon I’ll start lifting again, I think!

Sadly the picture doesn’t do it justice, but the vegan alfredo was SO rich and creamy.


Exercise: 20 mins bodyweight, 30 mins running

Food Diary


  • Coffee, tea: 80
  • Dates: 80


  • Grape cilantro smoothie bowl: 450
  • Coconut water: 30


  • Spaghetti squash alfredo: 190


  • Apple with dates: 195

Total: 1025 |      Exercise: 230

Net: 800

Protein: 48g 

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