Food & Exercise Diaries

December 19th Food Diary

Calories: 900

So my internet here is awful, but hopefully this will go through!

I spent the day packing and being at the airport, and managed to throw out all the food I had to.  And of course, my first order of business once home was to walk straight to Sprouts and fill the fridge with veggies and soymilk, even though I have my car. So I managed to get my minimum of 7000 steps (~3miles) a day in despite being sick!

And when I got home, I gushed to my parents about how happy I’ve been being fully vegan and how bad the Thanksgiving dairy-eating was for my body etc. etc. (that’s the main argument I’m using since they aren’t so convinced by the morality part–the fact that dairy KILLS my stomach, skin, and hormones. And eggs are just gross.), and they’re actually pretty supportive of me staying that way because they say I’m glowing, and I look and act so healthy despite being sick!! So, although they’re not supportive-supportive, they’re not resisting/angry. So that’s a HUGE relief. My first fully vegan Christmas!
Of course, the struggle doesn’t end there because I’ll be constantly surrounded by horrible nonvegan food and I’m weak in the face of peer pressure these days. The hardest to resist will be my whole family when we’re together (when my brother and my sister in law get in town) and my boyfriend. Wish me luck!

But I think I’ll try to make lists of things I resisted (that I remember at least) that were offered to me, to help keep motivated. Today was: a giant soft pretzel from my friend at the airport, a giant box of tater tots, garlic cheese fries, a burger (which really wasn’t a question of resistance because meat is no longer food to me after 8 years of vegetarianism, but it filled the house with potentially binge-inducing smells), chocolate covered almonds (vegan but high cal), all from my parents. My dad’s foreign grad student brought him a gift of massive amounts of junkfood so we had all that craziness in the house, I guess they thought that that’s what Americans like… my parents usually eat much, much healthier than that.

So instead of all that, I had broccoli, kale, and mushrooms, followed by half an apple with a bit of homemade walnut-pecan butter I whipped up, plus a medjool date. Life is good!

I was very well prepared for all my flight delays: tofu jerky, sweet potato discs, and an apple (which I saved for that night). No crappy airport food temptations for me!

Exercise: Walked 3.8 miles

Food Diary


  • Grape-strawberry-lemon smoothie bowl: 420


  • Tofu, sweet potato: 200


  • Sauteed veggies with nutritional yeast: 45
  • Apple with date and pecan-walnut butter: 175


  • A few more sweet potato discs: 60

Total: 900 |      Exercise: 470

Net: 430

Protein: 45g 

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