Food & Exercise Diaries

December 21st Food Diary

Calories: 1365

Things weren’t so good food-wise. I made cinnamon rolls to test out my Christmas day breakfast recipe–I’m an expert at normal cinnamon rolls, but this was my first time making vegan ones–and they turned out great. I thought up a bananas foster version to make them more gourmet, which involved caramelized bananas, walnut paste, and a chocolate-mocha sauce for the top!

Unfortunately, I ended up having a whole one for breakfast. And I went on a dinner date with my boyfriend and got curry because it was the only vegan thing on the menu (the salads all had meat and weird sauces and the soups were all chicken-broth based–and the waiters would have been too confused for substitution.) And then I had another cinnamon roll afterwards because of my boyfriend’s mom: when I brought the leftovers to his house and served them up to him and his friends/sister, his mom said “what, so you’re just going to watch them eat without having one?” So that was awkward. I had like 3/4 of one and his sister ate the rest, but still. It was more cinnamon roll than I needed for a day!

Anyways, the good news: I estimated my cinnamon roll calorie count to within 30 cals! On a total guess! I’m becoming a bit of an expert at calorie estimation. ๐Ÿ˜›ย (At night I calculated them exactly, but had guessed during the day.)

12-20-14 123 small

Exercise: Walked 3 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 80


  • Cinnamon roll: 270
  • Hummus, carrots: 130


  • Thai curry with tofu, veggies, brown rice: 455


  • Cinnamon roll: 250
  • Dates with pecan butter (sigh): 170

Total: 1365 | ย  ย  ย Exercise: 355

Net:ย 1010

Protein: 32gย 

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