Food & Exercise Diaries

December 22nd Food Diary

Calories: 950

Got my hair done, went with my boyfriend to the mall, ran around taking photos of my cat and bees, and was generally active despite a longer than normal fast (which is usually 15-16 hours; aka intermittent fasting)… which I broke at 3pm. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but just a few months ago I would have thought my blood sugar would be killing me by then.

At night I made chocolate chip cookies for my friends/family/boyfriend, and managed to just have 1.5–no binge!
And most importantly, they were a hit. The whole batch disappeared in a few hours, despite them being vegan and gluten free (and my family usually harshly judges such foods).

Also, I picked up my brother and his wife (aka my SIL) from the airport and they were supportive of my veganism/lifting, woo!

The cookies: vegan, gluten-free salted double chocolate chip
One of my bee shots from the day

Exercise: Walked/ran 5 miles + 30 minutes bodyweight

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 80


  • Godiva dark chocolate pearls: 50
  • Smoothie bowl: 420


  • Broccoli tomato soup: 130


  • Date: 40
  • Cookies: 140
  • Edamame (post-workout): 100

Total: 950 |      Exercise: 605

Net: 350

Protein: 53g 

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