Food & Exercise Diaries

December 23rd Food Diary

Calories: 1910

Day 1 of crazy eating, since my brother and SIL being in town means constant food.

I started the day off wonderfully by taking a fasted (+ iced coffee) beach walk with my best friend, and then ran a bit with my brother after my noon smoothie bowl, but it went south in the afternoon. I took my brother, SIL, and boyfriend to the beach, and we had a great time there… until my brother announced that he was hungry. At 2. So of course I was happy and excited to be with them and took them to one of my favorite Mexican places. BAD IDEA. I ate tons of chips with guacamole and black beans on them. Delicious and decently healthy, but really unnecessary.

And then at 6 we had our Italian dinner reservation. I told myself I wouldn’t eat any of the bread, but carb binge mode was already activated. What a nightmare. At least the only vegan option was a salad without the cheese, so I avoided any further damage there. And then my boyfriend wanted more of my super good cookies from last post because they ran out so fast, so I made him a batch. And ate a bunch.

Yep, baaadd food day.

Morning walk with Palm trees and Pellegrino
And then the food craziness began. The others got ceviche, so that left even more black beans and guac for me..

Exercise: walked/ran 5 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 80


  • Smoothie bowl: 420
  • Date: 40


  • Chips, guac, black beans: 600
  • Italian bread, salad: 535


  • Vegan chocolate chip cookies: 240

Total: 1910 |      Exercise: 640

Net: 1270

Protein: 61g 

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