Food & Exercise Diaries

December 24th Food Diary

Calories: 1445

Day 2 of crazy family eating. I had my coffee and tea from 8am to noon as usual, then joined them for their lox bagel feast… by making my own cream cheese substitute. And I snagged the last whole wheat bagel, woo! But despite the fact that I didn’t want gluten or that many calories, I was pretty happy that I came up with such a good cream cheese alternative.

Then at dinner, I had to think up yet another cheese substitute, since we have a Christmas eve fondue tradition: they had their fondue with sausage and bread cubes (and some veggies), I had my new low cal cauli-tofu cheese sauce with lots of veggies and apples. That was all only about 100 cals, then I ate some almond butter and dates for dessert since they were breaking out fancy (nonvegan) gingerbread my mom brought back from Germany, and not being able to eat it was a tad depressing.

This is almost certainly my best Christmas eve yet calorie-wise, though. And it was lovely actually knowing the calorie counts for once–in the past I relied on wild guesses on how much cheese I’d dipped my veggies and bread into, and I didn’t even know many of the ingredients in the first place. Now I had an exact count because I made it myself!

Bagel with vegan avocado-tofu cream cheese
My veganized fondue!

Exercise: walked 2.5 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 140


  • Bagel with homemade avocado-tofu vegan cream cheese + tomatoes: 565


  • Homemade vegan fondue with veggies; apple and almond butter: 330


  • Pear and almond butter: 100
  • Cookies: 310

Total: 1445 |      Exercise: 215

Net: 1230

Protein: 54g 


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