Food & Exercise Diaries

December 25th Food Diary

Calories: 1690

Another family tradition of ours is that I’m in charge of Christmas brunch. The stakes were high this year since it’s my first time finally being steadfast in my veganism at Christmas, since I formerly caved and used eggs etc. in brunches for them. But this time I made the vegan bananas foster cinnamon rolls I’d come up with and tested earlier!

Thankfully they were a hit, even with my rather critical brother. But I ate way too much… partly out of nervousness, partly because Christmas season probably launched me into a big carb/sugar-eating phase. I want to go back to being on my own and eating all fruits and veggies! It was effortless to eat at a deficit while at school. Now it’s a struggle to even stay below maintenance. I’m really hoping this ends soon and I can get back to my better way of eating while still at home for break.

Oh, and then we had a Turkish-style Christmas dinner, and I replaced their food by having almost entirely veggies and hummus and baba ganoush, along with a bit of koftesi (lentil balls). And my boyfriend got me my favorite (stupidly expensive) almond butter as part of my Christmas present so he was all excited about me eating it… so I ate some for dessert. It was delicious of course, but now we have way too much nut butter around (4 opened jars!)… it never fails to be my downfall.

Then I found out a friend died–I’d heard he was critically injured in a car accident the day before (probably also leading to me eating so much over the last 2 days), but he ended up passing on Christmas day. Luckily my emotionless boyfriend was with me when my friend told me the news so that softened the blow a bit… but I still ended up having dark chocolate covered almonds as some kind of coping response. It didn’t really help. 😦

Christmas morning cinnamon rolls (before adding toppings)
Turkish veggie-feast

Exercise: walked 2.6 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 70
  • Cinnamon rolls: 530


  • Leftover vegan fondue + almond butter + dates (with family): 370


  • Veggies, hummus, koftesi, almond butter, dates: 600


  • Chocolate covered almonds: 115

Total: 1690 |      Exercise: 345

Net: 1345

Protein: 48g 

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