Food & Exercise Diaries

December 29th Food Diary

Calories: 1140

Spent another day at the mall (it seems I live there), this time with my brother and sister in law. I had a $40 coupon for Sunglass Hut since I bought some ray bans, so I wanted to make sure it got used, and my SIL needed new ones. My boyfriend also needs to start wearing them considering we live in one of the sunniest cities year round, but he’s stubborn and refuses to consider it.

So we spent about an hour there while she tried tons on. So much indecision!

Then we went to a little Italian cafe where they got gelato and espresso, and I got an americano. And I made the horrible mistake of picking up a gourmet Chuao spicy maya chocolate bar to share with my dad. Best chocolate I have EVER tasted. I’m afraid I’ll be tempted to pick up more next time I go to the mall…

Then my family decided to sit in the spa eating tortilla chips and salsa… I avoided the spa part by walking up to the grocery store to get black beans for my dinner, but still had some tortilla chips with them afterwards. Curse carb binge phases. Then I once again ate dinner with them (me with black bean veggie soup, them with pizza) and it wasn’t so bad because everyone was talking about Hawaii plans and leaving me alone for the most part. Woo!

What odd engravings!
Black bean soup topped with guacamole. I hate my kitchen lighting.

Exercise: walked 3.4 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 65


  • Leftovers from vegan restaurant + date + almond butter: 280


  • Black bean soup + tortilla chips: 320
  • Smoothie bowl: 400


  • Chocolate: 80

Total: 1140  |   Exercise: 300

Net: 840

Protein: 37g 

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