Food & Exercise Diaries

December 30th Food Diary

Calories: 1800

Last full day with my brother and SIL. They were so nice to want to go to a vegan restaurant with me–I’d been dying to go back to Veggiegrill that just opened near me since I’d only been to it once (and no longer live here most of the year). Then we went to Bristol farms, which I’d never been to before… their produce section is like paradise. They have an entire row just for different kinds of apples!

Then I had to help cook dinner despite not wanting a big one, since my family made a braised beef main dish and my job was the veggie side dishes: one was brussels sprouts with caramelized onions, the other hasselback potatoes with thyme. But my brother decided they had to do oysters as an appetizer, and those didn’t come out til 6:30. So we were still cooking dinner when 7:30 rolled around and I was feeling like I should have already eaten dinner, so I went nuts on bread. 😦 Dinner for me is usually 5:30, darnit! The thought of having to eat a feast of a dinner, let alone eat it that late, led me to… eat even more out of stress! Logical as always.

I felt bad enough for the poor oysters being murdered in the kitchen, but to make matters worse, there were also little crabs inside two of the oysters, which looked like bizarre fetus crabs. I wanted to put them in a tank or release them into the ocean, but my brother instantly “put them out of their misery” since they looked a tad terrifying (picture example here) with no shells or anything. After a minute of research I found out they were pea crabs, which are rare and a delicacy and live inside oysters. Poor things were killed for no reason, not even eaten at least  Now that I think about it, my bread binging happened immediately after the crab incident, which was pretty upsetting.

Thankfully it’s the last night of family feasting and killing animals in my kitchen. (They still eat meat of course, but the violence happens before it gets to our house…)

My potatoes!
Both of my dishes. The brussels taste much better than they look

Exercise: walked 2 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea, coffee: 65
  • Lentil ball: 75
  • Almond butter: 95


  • Veggiegrill wrap + buffalo “wings”: 920


  • Bread: 270
  • Hasselback potato, caramelized onions and brussels sprouts: 230


  • Chocolate: 150

Total: 1800  |   Exercise: 135

Net: 1665

Protein: 69g 

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