Food & Exercise Diaries

January 1st Food Diary

Calories: 865

Woke up and ate leftover chocolate from the night before (sigh), then left my boyfriend’s house. Then, 2 hours later, went right back to do a hike with him, his sister, and some friends!

It was a lovely way to start the year, especially since it was so nice and cool at 55 degrees. We hiked a 4 mile hill trail along the beach, and although it was full of people (SO SICK OF CROWDS), it was nice to get in some cardio and spend time with friends in a way that doesn’t involve food or spending money. Also, my boyfriend’s sister and I apparently get along well! (She’s 5 years older than us so I’ve rarely seen her, but she’s living at home at the moment.)

Anyways, I’m now on a bit of a hiking kick thanks to it, and hope to do a few more before going back to school… although it’s already getting too warm for me. Today is 75 degrees and just standing outside made me feel like melting–I don’t handle heat well at all! And now I remember why I never hike

But back to food: all the hiking lowered my appetite. So not only did I burn calories from doing it, but it also made me naturally eat less! 😀

The views were just perfect… except for all the people (even the trail itself was crowded)
Back on the beach post-hike

Exercise: walked 6 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea: 60
  • Chocolate: 190


  • Brussels sprouts with potato spirals: 180
  • Oreo: 50


  • Almond butter and dates: 190


  • Carrot smoothie: 200

Total: 865 |   Exercise: 640

Net: 225

Protein: 26g 

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