Food & Exercise Diaries

January 2nd Food Diary

Calories: 920

I went to the mall with an old friend who goes to college in Spain, and we had a great time while getting lots of steps in! I ended up getting a mocha with her, and although it wasn’t exactly a good use of calories, I haven’t had one in awhile and it was amazing. Hard to pass up a gourmet spicy maya mocha from Chuao 😀

I also got another chocolate bar from there… whoops.

At least we didn’t go to Red Robin as was our old tradition. Their veggie burger and fries are so damn good… but I controlled myself and just ate half a potato at home instead!

Potato spirals with brussels sprouts!

Exercise: walked 4.25 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea: 60
  • Date, almond butter: 90
  • Chocolate: 60


  • Brussels sprouts with potato spirals: 60
  • Spicy maya soy mocha: 210


  • Black bean soup with avo: 330


  • Chocolate: 50
  • Edamame: 25
  • Date: 40

Total: 920 |   Exercise: 435

Net: 485

Protein: 33g 

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