Food & Exercise Diaries

January 4th-12th Food Diary

So I’m just going to summarize the last week’s net calories because it all went pretty similarly: I spent every day with my boyfriend, he was all nice and kept bringing me all sorts of good food or we’d go to a restaurant, I overate and felt sick. We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary at my favorite restaurant… and 2 out of the 3 restaurants we went to this week were vegan. That was so sweet of him to agree to!

Because I wanted to make the most of our time together, I made a conscious decision to just put off the weight loss attempts last week and redouble my efforts as soon as he left, which was the morning of the 13th. I told him about it all, and he said something that made me ridiculously happy: “I love that you care about your body,” as an appreciation of how hard I’m trying for my health and fitness goals despite my horrendous metabolism (1000 cals a day) and love of food. And he always compliments how I look regardless of my level of skinny-fatness, which is crazy to me.

Anyways, despite this week of overeating, there is still good news: my main goal for this break has been achieved, in that I stayed 100% vegan and I didn’t gain weight, which is amazing for me while surrounded by family and friends and food 24/7! Although I didn’t get to the gym while home from college, at least I’m heading in the right direction with my at-home habits: hopefully next summer I’ll be able to maintain what I’ll be working extra hard for this spring!

Net calorie summary:

  • January 4th: 1435
  • January 5th: 1015
  • January 6th: 1355
  • January 7th: 955
  • January 8th: 1430
  • January 9th: 1170
  • January 10th: 1350
  • January 11th: 1300
  • January 12th: 1640 (last day with him + anniversary celebration)
Giant vegan paella from one of the restaurants. The leftovers made for 4 good lunches and a snack!

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