Food & Exercise Diaries

January 13th Food Diary

Calories: 900

My boyfriend left to go back to school… at 6am, so I didn’t get to see him.

Instead, I had a meeting with a professor I’ve been working with who’s a bigshot in the field… and he called me inspirational and brilliant and told me that I can be a co-author on his next big paper since I gave him the idea for half the experiment. As an undergraduate. I can’t even believe it! Now I get to call gene sequencing labs and neuroscience professors to get them on board… 😀

My big plan for the rest of the day was: go to the gym, go for a photo-hike (for canyon bird photos), bake cookies to mail to my boyfriend, and start getting ready for my road trip the next night. Instead I just felt lethargic with a big headache all day–I have a feeling it was a migraine.

But despite my general inability to get things done, I did come up with a big elaborate fitness/body recomp plan for the next 2 months (and beyond). I overanalyzed and over-scienced it, in rather typical fashion for me.  I’ll detail the plans out in another post: the 50 day challenge! If I stick to it, I could hit my initial aesthetic goals before seeing my boyfriend again, and more importantly get a LOT fitter. (And sticking to it will be so much easier now thanks to IF)

Vegan paella leftovers
Mango nicecream

Exercise: walked 2 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea: 60
  • Chips: 140


  • Vegan paella restaurant leftovers: 220
  • Pumpkin pancakes: 300


  • Mango nicecream: 155


  • Edamame: 25

Total: 900|   Exercise: 75

Net: 825

Protein: 39g 

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