Food & Exercise Diaries

January 14th Food Diary

Calories: 1140

[Note: I think I’ll stop posting my calorie counts here soon because I’ll just be checking off a box saying whether or not I was able to make my planned 500 cal deficit! However I’ll still post all my food diaries, of course.]

I managed to do most of what I slacked off on the day before, like laundry, progress photos (well, pre-50-day-challenge photos), packing for my trip to my grandma’s house at night, etc. She is just the loveliest individual and I LOVE visiting her… she’s 84 and still totally sharp and sweet and fun as ever. She recently moved from her house to a retirement apartment, so the kitchen is minimal (no oven or stove) as the place also serves meals. Anyways, that means I always have to be strategic with my food packing and planning, especially because there are NO vegan friendly options in her town, and she’s a social butterfly who loves to eat out and knows all the restaurant owners. Literally every dish everywhere includes dairy or eggs or meat unless I ask for weird side combos. (Which I did end up doing)

Anyways, at night my parents wanted to go to dinner before I left for my grandma’s since I hadn’t seen a lot of them lately, after spending the week with my boyfriend. I managed to evade a high-cal crisis by suggesting Mongolian hotpot, where you put whatever you want in a broth so you know EXACTLY what’s in there… or so I thought. I got a mushroom broth with greens, mushrooms, tofu, and vermicelli knots to put in it. About 45 mins in I started to feel this bizarre sensation of pressure on my face, like my head was in a vice, there was also pressure on my chest, and my legs and arms got tingly and weak. My mom was sure it was MSG, but the waiter said they didn’t use MSG. So that was fun and… terrifying.

Fun and terrifying part 2: the 4 hour drive to my grandma’s. Fun at first as I sipped tea and blasted metal songs, then terrifying when there was so much fog towards the end that I could only see one carlength in front of me. Thanks to poorly designed streets, I ended up unknowingly driving in the shoulder of the freeway while exiting (and I only knew the exit was there thanks to my phone telling me to turn since no signs were visible), and then I almost ended up turning straight into oncoming traffic because some left turn only lanes off the freeway gave NO indication of where to go, and I couldn’t see any traffic lights. Thanks to an impatient car behind me taking it upon themselves to pass me and show me the way, I didn’t die.

Mongolian hotpot: my mushroom broth half, and their meaty half
Bag o’ food for my stay: bananas, edamame, oats, carrots, sweet potato, apples, homemade pecan-walnut butter, cabbage, tea, soymilk. Heh.

Exercise: walked 3.2 miles

Food Diary


  • Tea: 60
  • Granola: 90


  • Acai bowl: 360


  • Mongolian hotpot with mushrooms, tofu, vermicelli knots: 330


  • Dates: 120
  • Pecan butter: 150
  • 1/3 banana: 30

Total: 1140   |   Exercise: 340

Net: 800

Protein: 38g 


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