Food & Exercise Diaries

Summary: Week 1 of 50 day plan

Don’t worry, I haven’t completely disappeared! The start of the semester meant things getting completely crazy with new classes, internships, club meetings and the like. But I did still stick to my 50 day plan!

Now I’m settled in and have more time at last so I’m back in the blogging game! I just got a new URL (, as I was starting to get annoyed with my old, now irrelevant one (

Instead of posting each food diary for the last 24 days I’ve missed, I thought I’d do a little photo-filled post of mini diaries.

Day 2/50 Food Diary – January 20th

  • Exercise: walked 5.8 miles + yoga + jump rope. 
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
New favorite midnight snack


Day 3/50 Food Diary – January 21st

  • Exercise: walked 3.6 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Teriyaki tofu with cauli rice


Day 4/50 Food Diary – January 22nd

  • Exercise: walked 4 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Buckwheat & steel cut oat porridge


Day 5/50 Food Diary – January 23rd

  • Exercise: walked 5 miles +  20 mins HIIT + yoga
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Tofu tikka masala


Day 6/50 Food Diary – January 24th

  • Exercise: walked 6.5 miles + 10 mins HIIT + lifting + yoga
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Post-class snack: romaine hearts with teriyaki, vegan ceasar, and a side of carrot juice


Day 7/50 Food Diary – January 25th

  • Exercise: walked 7 miles + 15 mins HIIT
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
My famous mashed sweet potatos with candied pecans for a vegan potluck!

I’ll be back with summaries of the other weeks soon! 🙂

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