Food & Exercise Diaries

Summary: Week 2 of 50 day plan

Sadly, week 2 involved a lot of stress eating, so I didn’t hit my daily deficit. I had huge deficits the first two days of it though, so it helped average out the smaller ones towards the end of the week. So for the week, I averaged a 400 cal deficit per day.

And most importantly, I still managed to get a good amount of exercise in!

Day 8/50 Food Diary – January 26th

  • Exercise: walked 7.75 miles + 15 mins HIIT
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Gluten free carrot cake pancakes with chocolate-almond butter sauce

Day 9/50 Food Diary – January 27th

  • Exercise: walked 4.2 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Cauli-kale mash, barbecue tofu, baked potato wedges, and salad

Day 10/50 Food Diary – January 28th

  • Exercise: walked 6.25 miles + 15 mins HIIT + lifting
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
More tofu tikka masala with cauli rice!

Day 11/50 Food Diary – January 29th

  • Exercise: walked 5 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: no
Whole foods burrito with black beans, quinoa, guacamole, and tons of veggies and salsa

Day 12/50 Food Diary – January 30th

  • Exercise: walked 6.75 miles + 20 mins HIIT
  • 500 cal deficit: no
Tofu teriyaki cabbage wraps

Day 13/50 Food Diary – January 31st

  • Exercise: walked 3 miles, 15 mins HIIT
  • 500 cal deficit: no
Homemade avocado-almond milk ice cream

Day 14/50 Food Diary – February 1st

  • Exercise: walked 2 miles + 15 mins HIIT + plyo (resistance training)
  • 500 cal deficit: no
Afternoon snack of romaine hearts, tomato, and cauli, with vegan ceasar and teriyaki sauces


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