Food & Exercise Diaries

Summary: Week 3 of 50 day plan

I managed to average even more than a 500 cal deficit for the week! I did a little bit less exercise than usual, but it was an especially busy week.

I also started to follow some of the ideas behind McDougall’s Starch Solution, which mostly involved reintroducing things like pasta and potatoes, while eating less fats. No complaints here 🙂 It feels like every night is a cheat meal! (I may have gone a little bit crazy with the homemade high carb low fat pizzas out of initial excitement…)

Day 15/50 Food Diary – February 2nd

  • Exercise: walked 4.6 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Chocolate pancakes with healthy cookie dough topping!
Chocolate pancakes with healthy cookie dough topping!

Day 16/50 Food Diary – February 3rd

  • Exercise: walked 5.15 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Eggplant veggie GF pasta

Day 17/50 Food Diary – February 4th

  • Exercise: walked 4.25 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Whole wheat pizza from scratch with roasted eggplant “cheese”, tomatoes, corn, kale, potato, and mushroom. Whole big thing for 350 cals!

Day 18/50 Food Diary – February 5th

  • Exercise: walked 5.8 miles + lifting + HIIT
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
“Creamed” corn, baked potato wedges, barbecue homemade seitan

Day 19/50 Food Diary – February 6th

  • Exercise: walked 7.2 miles + 20 mins HIIT
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Whole wheat “cheesy” potato boxty from scratch. Came up with this on a whim and SO happy with it!

Day 20/50 Food Diary – February 7th

  • Exercise: walked 2.8 miles, 15 mins HIIT
  • 500 cal deficit: no
Roasted eggplant sandwich with caramelized onion, tomato, kale, mushrooms, tofu-garlic-lemon spread (I had lots of leftover eggplant to use up)

Day 21/50 Food Diary – February 8th

  • Exercise: walked 3 miles
  • 500 cal deficit: ✔
Homemade low fat almond milk ice cream with fudgy zucchini brownie bits on top