Check ins, Progress Photos

April Check-in

Hello friends! So my 50 day plan was going pretty well, until… I got sick. It’s the first time I’ve gotten sick since summer, so I can’t be too upset. My plans did end up completely derailed, though, as my boyfriend visited me during his spring break, I visited him during mine, and so on, leaving me no gym time.

Because of all that, I had to stop lifting/exercising for a month besides my usual 3-5 miles of walking. I kept my diet on point though, sticking to salads and oatmeal when I wasn’t having huge restaurant meals with my boyfriend (I kept those moderate too, though!). So overall, I maintained my weight–a big accomplishment for me when I’m with him 24/7, since he can eat about 3000 calories a day and I’m a social eater.

And perhaps best of all: I didn’t see any muscle loss! I’ve been back to lifting for a week, and am already back where I left off despite the fact that I’m also back on a cut.

This was after only 2 months total of lifting, with 2 one month breaks! Looking forward to more gains 😀 (This is flexing vs unflexed in February, but my pre-lifting “flexing” before photo looked the same as the left photo!)

Current goals/plan: 

I also have a new overall plan, because I have some new goals: I want to be able to run. I’ve been doing HIIT for awhile, but have no endurance to speak of. I want to run miles on the beautiful trails around both San Diego and Berkeley without feeling winded. So I’m doing the popular couch to 5k (C25K) program, modified to be a little bit harder because I do have some foundation.

Because I’m now weight training and running, I’m working out 5-7 days a week, so my new strategy has been to eat more–especially protein–along with my huge exercise increase. And it’s working better than my lower calorie attempts ever did: I lost 1.5lbs the first week, and that was after a few days of maintaining my weight (so very little water weight involved!). I’m doing a moderately high carb diet, with about 60% carbs, 18% fats and 22% protein in general. And it’s working amazingly for me–I feel full of energy and get way fewer cravings than when I was doing 30% fat!

I think I’ll get back into weekly as opposed to daily check-ins, since I’m focusing less on calories and trying to make eating more of a routine rather than coming up with new recipes every day.

However, you can always keep up with my daily food on instagram!

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