Food & Exercise Diaries

May 15th Food Diary

Even though I probably won’t have time to do daily food diaries like I used to, I still want to share my general food and fitness-related adventures, especially now that it’s summer. I’m thinking I’ll do semi-frequent check-ins… depending on how many photos I have, they’ll either be individual days or cover a few days!

I spent the 15th and 16th taking my last final and moving out of my apartment in Berkeley to come back to San Diego for the summer. This also involved walking almost 10 miles a day despite my hip injury. Whoops!

My resting heart rate has also been elevated since finals started, up from 65bpm. Fascinating to see how it varies with stress and whatnot.

Anyways, onto the diary portion:

I had to move out the next day, so today was all about using up food. Plus I had a final at 3pm. So I used up a can of pears to make steel cut oats for breakfast,. For lunch, I used up a can each of black beans, tomatoes, and corn, plus an entire bunch of kale for a delicious last minute soup before heading to the exam! My mom flew in at night to help me with the move, and she ended up having the second half of the soup–it got rave reviews from her despite her being an omnivore!

After packing late into the night, I stopped my grumbling stomach with a pineapple banana smoothie to use up a can of pineapples. 😛

Breakfast: 600 cals

  • Steel cut oats with pears and pecans
  • Dates & crackers

Lunch: 375 cals

  • Black bean soup with kale and corn

Afternoon snack: 150 cals

  • Tea with soymilk
  • Carrot apple ginger juice

Dinner: 300 cals

  • 1/2 Beyond Meat “beast burger” with a slice of chao cheese, cauliflower, and yellow squash
  • Rice cake and chocolate chips

Night snack: 200 cals

  • Pineapple banana smoothie

Total: 1630 cals, 67g protein

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