Food & Exercise Diaries

May 17-18 Food Diary

May 17th

I made a brunch for my family of caramelized banana steel cut oats (always a hit!), went shopping, started the long process of unpacking my suitcases, and went to dinner with my boyfriend. I also went shopping at Whole Foods and was met with catastrophe: no Beyond Meat chick’n strips! They’re my favorite source of protein and I have them EVERY DAY back in Berkeley. And this Whole Foods carried them during winter break, so this was a bit of a shock 😦

I ended up buying Gardein chick’n strips and they were just… soggy, and with worse macros (aka lower protein per calorie). Not to mention a pain to cook: beyond meat tastes great straight out of the box. Curses!

I also made my first cashew cheese: smoked “gouda”! I still have yet to photograph it, but when I do, I’ll share it–and the recipe too.

No one likes soggy chick’n strips.

Breakfast: 270 cals

  • Steel cut banana oats with protein powder

Lunch: 380

  • Cashew smoked gouda & crackers
  • Yellow squash and Gardein chick’n strips
  • Almond butter and granola

Afternoon snack: 100 cals

  • Tea with soy
  • Dark chocolate covered almonds

Dinner: 620 cals

  • Restaurant black bean burrito with tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and tortilla chips

Night snack: 25 cals

  • Godiva dark chocolate pearls

Total: 1390 cals, ~56g protein

May 18th

In the morning I FINALLY got back to the gym, after a 10 day break thanks to finals and move-out–I’d done 2 bodyweight workouts during those 10 days, but I couldn’t stand another day away from weights. My hip’s still acting up, so I did arms, and sadly my numbers fell a bit on what I could lift. 😦

I’m chalking it up to being tired after a hectic week, and I’m going to try to get my protein intake back up to ~80g. I decided to try yet another new brand of protein powder–so far I’ve tried Sunwarrior, Vega sport, Sprouts’ soy spirulina, 3 different kinds of hemp, and more–and went for Plantfusion chocolate this time. I am IN LOVE with the post-workout chocolate peanut butter milkshake I made with it. So creamy, and with none of that chalky protein powder flavor! (Though this protein powder does not perform well in oatmeal, sadly.)

So creamy and decadent!

I met up with my bestie G of P&P in the afternoon, and although we’d originally planned to go to a cafe, we didn’t have quite enough time… so I ended up dragging her to another Whole Foods (since it was in the area) for a) dinner ingredients and b) to search for my beloved chick’n strips. And they had them in stock!! I ended up buying 4 boxes. And G had endless patience despite my wandering (prancing?) around the store 🙂

I made a bit of an experimental salad for my parents for dinner, and they gave rave reviews! I thought they’d be put off by the cashew ranch dressing (they’re very gourmet and somewhat picky), but quite the opposite: my mom went on and on about how great it was and how she wants it on everything! I did discover that the kale I bought was way too dry and curly, though–it disintegrated while I tried to massage it. Whoops.

Massaged kale with roasted sweet potato, black eyed peas, and smoky cashew ranch dressing

Breakfast: 230 cals

  • Dates and almond butter

Lunch: 260

  • Oat bran porridge with banana, flax, protein powder, and Grape Nuts

Post-workout: 270 cals

  • Chocolate peanut butter protein shake

Dinner: 320 cals

  • Kale salad with roasted sweet potato, black eyed peas, smoky cashew ranch dressing

Night snack: 360 cals

  • Homemade thin mints
  • Tea with soy

Total: 1450 cals, ~61g protein

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