Food & Exercise Diaries

May 19th Food Diary

I kicked my day off with a dentist appointment: yaayy. It seems all my fruit-eating and tea-drinking has landed me with another cavity. This is kind of a food related topic, right?

Anyways, on to the more pleasant stuff: G and I went to the cafe we’d planned to the day before (before I turned it into an impromptu grocery trip), which was a quaint and awfully Berkeley-esque little cafe that was a tad overstuffed with tables and antiques. Just getting to a table was like navigating a maze!

I’d had my eye on their Mexican mocha for awhile, and got it decaf with soymilk, of course. It was a bit too sweet for my liking, but it didn’t disappoint!

We spent our last few minutes there designing her blog’s new facebook page, choosing cover and profile photos and strategizing about what to put on it. If you could check it out and maybe give it a like, we’d really appreciate it!

Oh yeah, and then she came over and tried a bagel with tofutti since dairy isn’t being so nice to her stomach lately, and I think she liked it enough to buy her own! Yay for sharing vegan alternatives with nonvegans 🙂 Maybe someday they’ll become the norm!

Me forgetting how to pose (but she takes lovely photos so I had to share!)
Me forgetting how to pose and oddly dressed thanks to living out of a suitcase (but she takes lovely photos so I had to share!)
G with iced tea!

Breakfast: 380 cals

  • Dates and almond butter
  • Cracker and cashew smoked gouda
  • Decaf soy Mexican mocha

Lunch: 760 cals

  • Bagel with tofutti
  • Dates and almond butter

Afternoon snack: 75 cals

  • Tea with soy
  • Chocolate covered almonds

Dinner: 100 cals

  • Textured soy protein with BBQ sauce (first time trying TVP!)

Night snack: 200 cals

  • Homemade thin mints

Total: 1510 cals, ~53g protein

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