Food & Exercise Diaries

May 22-23 Food Diary

May 22nd

Went on a 3 mile walk during the day to get some groceries, and discovered a gamechanger for this summer: there’s a new cafe 1.5 miles away! I love to hang out in cafes, but the only one within walking distance is starbucks at a teeny tiny .3 miles.. and I REALLY don’t like their tea or coffee. And I don’t like driving more than I need to, so I don’t go solo to the other places across the freeways very often. Now I have a cafe I can hang out and write in–Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, to be exact–with a perfect length walk before and after!

In college, my favorite stress relief is walking 2-3 miles and chilling at cafes all around the city, so I’m a bit over the moon about this new one 😀

Raw proats! (aka protein oats)

Breakfast: 500 cals

  • Oats with banana, pb2, protein powder, and almond butter

Lunch: 200 cals

  • Cracker with homemade cashew gouda
  • Homemade protein-fiber truffle

Afternoon snack: 30 cals

  • Tea

Dinner: 460 cals

  • Chick’n strips, whole wheat bread, almond butter and chocolate chips

Night snack: 160 cals

  • Chick’n strips
  • Whole wheat bread

Total: 1360 cals, ~76g protein

Total cals burned: 1415

May 23rd

I finally gave my injured hip a real rest day, and it drove me crazy. I HATE being sedentary! Luckily my boyfriend got me into a new videogame to play with him, and we watched movies at night (and also the night before)… but still. I need to be able to run and squat again. 😦

Also, I discovered the root of my almond butter and chocolate cravings the last few weeks. As I said yesterday, TSA decided that my vitamins posed some sort of threat to national security, so they took them out of my baggage without notifying me. I bought another multivitamin as soon as I found out that mine was no longer in any of my suitcases, but finding a magnesium supplement (since it’s not included in most multivitamins) in a normal dose range was a bit difficult. Apparently, magnesium is used in the reactions for muscle contraction so you use up a lot when lifting, and my tea drinking habit and phytate-eating (aka plants, plants everywhere) also deplete it and hinder absorption… so even though I eat mostly nutritious foods, I almost certainly haven’t been getting enough considering my heightened need for it. My muscles have been really slow to recover in the gym, my calves have been cramping up, and I’ve felt anxious lately: all symptoms of magnesium deficiency. And almonds and chocolate are two of the best sources of magnesium.

I’ve been eating almond butter and dark chocolate chips like it’s my job, no matter what I’d planned to eat instead, especially after lifting. I finally took some magnesium at night, and the next day (the 24th), my intense cravings miraculously dissipated. And this is the second time this whole situation happened–it’s crazy how different I feel when I’ve got all the nutrients I need!

This has 40% of my DV of magnesium according to Cronometer, so... I guess my cravings no what they're doing!
This has 40% of my DV of magnesium according to Cronometer, so… I guess my cravings know what they’re doing! (though sadly I probably need more than the normal DV for my weight because of the aforementioned factors)

Breakfast: 450 cals

  • Whole wheat bread with almond butter and chocolate chips

Lunch: 440 cals

  • Chick’n strips
  • Crackers with homemade cashew gouda
  • Homemade fiber-protein truffle
  • Mango and cherries

Afternoon snack: 50 cals

  • Tea with soy

Dinner: 360 cals

  • Whole wheat bread and almond butter

Night snack: 100 cals

  • Kettle chips

Total: 1340 cals, ~55g protein

Total cals burned: 1320

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