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May 24th Food Diary

May 24th

My skin’s starting to get back towards glowing! It had some trouble during finals and move-out, as is to be expected… but I can always count on clean eating to undo the effects of the stress and whatnot 🙂 (If only it would make my nose smaller!)

may24 selfie

I gave my hip another day of rest by spending the day playing board games and computer games with my boyfriend and friends. I’m starting to feel downright lazy! Luckily my appetite is lowered when I don’t move much, but it still seems to be adjusting to the fact that I was just recently averaging a 1700 daily calorie burn, and now only a measly 1400.

I managed to wolf down a huge burrito at dinner with my boyfriend despite hardly moving–it was just too good. I ended up overstuffing myself, but it was my first time doing that in months, so I’m not too upset. I did have to lay down for awhile though… 😛

Breakfast: 50 cals

  • Crackers

Lunch: 400 cals

  • Raw chocolate peanut butter protein oats


Afternoon snack: 40 cals

  • Tea with soymilk

Dinner: 590 cals

  • Guacachips
  • Burrito with pinto beans, rice, guacamole, and veggies
It’s hard to get a decent burrito photo while eating it!


Night snack: 35 cals

  • Dark chocolate

Total: 1550 cals, ~64g protein

Total cals burned: 1405

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