Food & Exercise Diaries

May 25th Food Diary

May 25th

Giant vegan feast: the ultimate post-workout.

My favorite restaurant is a vegan Asian fusion place called Sipz, and I’m always dragging my nonvegan friends there… but it’s so good, they like it enough to suggest it themselves! On Monday I went with my boyfriend after lifting, which made it the perfect time to have a 3 course protein-packed feast. The tradition with my friends is that we start with an appetizer of drumsticks, split an entree, and end with either the banana cake or stuffed thai coconut. This time they had a special BBQ pork bun available as an appetizer, so naturally I had to try that too! And it was AMAZING. Definitely something I’d like to make myself one of these days.

And my slightly picky boyfriend liked the stuffed coconut enough that he asked me to make it for him this summer!

Boyfriend with coconut 🙂 (Rest of the feast photos are at the end of the post!)

In preparation for the feast, I didn’t eat quite as much as usual throughout the day, though I did have an unplanned mocha with G…. we have a new tradition of our own of going to Illy and getting their amazing coffee (and chocolate, in my case) when we go to the mall. Luckily, the mall also involved plenty of walking!

Having our snapchat moments

Breakfast: 430 cals

  • Multigrain bagel with tofutti and tomato

Lunch: 100 cals

  • Decaf spicy maya mocha with soymilk

Workout: 230 cals

  • Pre: chick’n strips and carrot-apple juice
  • Post: Homemade fiber-protein truffle

Dinner: 1400 (?) cals

  • Vegan BBQ pork steam buns and drumsticks
  • Mongolian style “beef” with brown rice
  • Young thai coconut with mung bean and rice inside

Total: 2150 cals, ~115g protein

Total cals burned: 1760

BBQ “pork” bun
“Drumsticks” with sweet chili sauce
Thai coconut stuffed with mung beans, peanuts, and sticky rice!

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