Food & Exercise Diaries

May 26-27 Food Diary

May 26th

Taking another break from calorie counting! I’m still counting my protein and fiber, but just tallying up everything on MFP at the end of the day instead of recording all day long. On average I’ve been eating 100 above TDEE, which is supposedly optimal for muscle building! (Since I’ve been lifting weights 3 times a week.)

I got an app called Twogrand which is like a photo-based food diary. My name there is Skinnyfatchef if you’d like to check it out. 🙂

On the 26th I made my favorite black bean sweet potato chili for my parents, which they loved! I added TVP for an extra protein and fiber boost and it only made it better.


  • Raw protein oatmeal


  • Multigrain bagel with tofutti and tomato

Afternoon snack

  • Tea with soymilk


  • Black bean sweet potato chili

Night snack

  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Whole wheat bread with almond butter

May 27th

I tried to make Ube Halaya, which is a Filipino yam-fudge type of dessert. I subbed in sweet potato for ube and left out all the butter and sweetened condensed milk, so it didn’t harden like it should have. But it was like ultra-rich and thick mashed sweet potato, which was fine with me 😛


  • Raw protein oatmeal


  • Sweet potato fudge
  • Chick’n strips


  • Mini peanut butter protein lava cake


  • Homemade red curry with rice noodles, tofu, and veggies

Night snack

  • Sweet potato fudge
  • Almond butter and banana

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