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May 30 Food Diary

May 30th

I’ve been itching for a hike for awhile now, but my hip injury has forced me to put it off. Until Saturday, that is! It’s still painful when I tweak it on rocks and weird angles, but finally being able to walk without a limp is so nice.

G (my favorite San Diegan, in case it wasn’t obvious) was on board for a morning hike, and she suggested some lovely trails near a beach cliff that I also hiked over winter break. It was foggy and perfect–I’m a tad heat intolerant so I love the rare occasions when it’s cool here in the summer. I also took the opportunity to get used to my Gopro, which I bought in December for a Hawaii trip I’m taking in 3 weeks. It can get a bit confusing with all the phone syncing and whatnot so I’d like to be at least somewhat proficient in it before I’m underwater with sea turtles!

We went to the mall and Veggie Grill afterwards for a post-hike lunch. I’ve only been to Veggie Grill three times since it opened 2 years ago, but I’m a bit obsessed… I need to go there more. Sadly my boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan based on the one dish he’s tried there 😦


  • Raw protein oatmeal


  • Buffalo chick’n sandwich with french fries

Afternoon snack

  • Godiva dark chocolate pearls


  • Black bean sweet potato chili

Night snack

  • Whole wheat bread with almond butter

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