Food & Exercise Diaries

May 31 – June 1 Food Diary

May 31st

I attempted to make vegan french toast in the morning, but there was some craziness going on in my house and it ended up getting scorched because I couldn’t get back to the kitchen to flip it. I scraped off the black part and the rest was delicious, but it wasn’t pretty to look at. One of these days I’ll get a niceย photo of french toast!

I also went to dinner with my boyfriend and his family at an amazing Indian restaurant I’d never been to before. Definitely a new favorite!

Chana masala + jasmine rice

Exercise: walked 3 miles + biked 7 miles


  • One slice of vegan french toast with almond butter


  • Raw protein oatmeal

Afternoon snack

  • Tea with soymilk
  • Crackers with chick’n strips and tofutti


  • Chana masala with jasmine rice

Night snack

  • Dark chocolate

June 1st

I finally got my hands on some split mung beans and sticky rice after looking for it for ages: neither Whole Foods nor Sprouts carries them, so I finally went to an Asian-specific grocery store. I had them for breakfast usingย my makeshift steamer (strainer over a pot) and it was amazing! I could hardly believe the mung bean macros either: 13g protein and 12g fiber in 160 cals.

It was so good I ended up making more at night, this time with low-fat sweetened condensed coconut milk instead of just coconut sugar. The mung beans ended up looking brown and uglier, but it was totally worth it.

Sweet mung beans with sticky rice


Exercise: Lifting + walked 3 miles


  • Sweet mung beans and sticky rice with shredded coconut


  • Leftover chana masala with jasmine rice


  • Potato and chick’n strips


  • Sweet mung beans and sticky rice

Night snack

  • Tea with soymilk
  • Spicy maya chocolate pod

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