Food & Exercise Diaries

June 4-5 Food Diary

June 4th

I continued my packing job in the morning, then had to run to Home depot for more boxes. Fuunnn times.

Lunch, however, actually was fun: I’d picked up a cute little ciabatta roll from Sprouts a few days before, and finally had it with my intended tomato soup. The soup included kale and mushrooms, and it was SO creamy and amazing! And it only took 10 minutes. I definitely need to make it more.


Leftover peppered “pork”

Exercise: walked 5 miles


  • Multigrain bagel with tofutti and tomato


  • Tomato veggie soup with ciabatta

Afternoon snack

  • Tea with soymilk
  • Dark chocolate


  • Leftover peppered “pork” with jasmine and brown rice

Night snack

  • Peanut butter protein nice cream
  • Almond butter and chocolate chips

June 5th

I had a dentist appointment in the morning, and my face was numb and bizarre-looking for 7 hours from the novocaine! Luckily, it wore off just in time for a Veggie Grill dinner with my boyfriend.

But the numb face did mean I decided to postpone my usual Friday lifting to Saturday instead… I did end up packing and lifting more boxes for an hour or two though.

Boyfriend’s order of santa fe “chicken” sandwich

Exercise: walked 4.5 miles


  • Toast with almond butter and chocolate chips


  • Tofurkey and tofutti
  • Chick’n strips
  • Carrot


  • Tea with soymilk


  • Buffalo bomber sandwich and fries from Veggie Grill

Night snack

  • Apple carrot beet juice

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