Food & Exercise Diaries

June 8-9 Food Diary

June 8th

I finally tried making vegan French toast, and am pretty darn excited about it. I never thought I’d be having authentic-tasting French toast again!

In the afternoon I lifted weights, then went on a Whole Foods + cupcake adventure with G. When she suggested eating dinner at Whole Foods, I figured that meant just grazing from the salad bar–little did I know that ours has a restaurant attached! I ended up getting a burger AND an adorable mini red velvet cupcake after that despite eating quite a bit a few hours before… whoops. At least it helped with muscle growth? 😛

Cutest cupcake ever?

Exercise: lifting + walked 4 miles


  • Whole wheat chia french toast


  • Veggies and chick’n strips


  • Yukon gold potato and chick’n strips
  • Zucchini protein bar


  • Vegan burger and fries
  • Mini red velvet cupcake


  • 1/3 whole wheat toast with almond butter
  • Tea with soymilk

June 9th

I spent much of the day with my boyfriend, including amazing yellow curry at a Thai restaurant at night. I’ve been waiting for vegan yellow curry paste to appear in stores for over a year now, and finally decided to order some online. So excited to make my own HCLF version of the curry I love!

150 cals for a giant bowl of strawberry coconut nicecream!
Chick’n strips and veggies

Exercise: walked 2.5 miles


  • Peanut butter protein pancakes


  • Chick’n strips and veggies
  • Zucchini protein bar
  • Strawberry coconut nicecream


  • Thai yellow curry with tofu and veggies and brown rice


  • Tea with soymilk
  • Prunes

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