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Summer Recap

Sorry about another hiatus: summer got a bit too busy for me to be at my computer often. I had to pack up old rooms and move immense amounts of stuff between my house and a storage unit, took care of my injured cat which involved constant vet trips and warm compresses for 2 weeks, spent a week in Hawaii (the fun part!), took a Matlab class, and spent as much free time as possible with my boyfriend and friends while I had the chance to see them.

So, before I launch back into the present, I thought I’d give a quick little summer recap so you can get the jist of how my eating and fitness went. I’ll probably also do some “Summer flashbacks” of a few individual days and my Hawaii trip in future posts!


Because I was seeing friends and my boyfriend almost every day, I ate at restaurants about 4-6 times a week. I had planned to bring my own food whenever I spent the afternoon/evening at my boyfriend’s house (which was usually 3-10pm), but it got to be too difficult, especially when I had to go to his house straight from my class to avoid traffic.

I stayed fully vegan throughout, so that did help keep my restaurant choices healthier than they were last summer! And more importantly, no animals were harmed. 🙂

Some of my most frequented/favorite restaurant and homemade meals:

I also developed an addiction: Clif Builders bars. I first tried them because they had the most protein I could find in a vegan bar (per calorie), and fell in love because they legitimately taste like cookies. The mint flavor in particular tastes JUST like thin mints–maybe even better. I first tried them when waiting through long hours at the vet for my cat (I’m talking 8 hours), and then became a bit of a staple that got my boyfriend and me through early morning hikes and kayaking in Hawaii, plus on-the-go pre-workouts. So although I’m generally avoiding processed foods now, I still have a place in my heart for Clif bars a couple times a week. 😛

Photo Jun 29, 2 55 58 PM
I now buy them by the case


My hip injury stayed pretty bad through July (see my original post on it), so instead of running, I learned to embrace cycling. I gradually increased frequency until I was doing about 12 miles 3 times a week on my stationary bike. In August I was able to run a few times, but I didn’t want to push my luck.

The exciting part of my summer fitness was that I finally convinced my boyfriend to lift with me! In May and June I went by myself and kept my Monday-Wednesday-Friday routine rather religiously, but once it became a couples affair, we probably averaged 2.5 times a week due to us getting sidetracked with friends or one of us just not feeling like it. Definitely a loss I was willing to take, because it was much more fun lifting with him.

Photo Jun 29, 4 17 58 PM
Couldn’t get a great gym selfie of us because I had to sneak the shot 😛

I also went hiking here and there, and hope I’ll get to hike a lot more over winter break when the temperatures are lower and my hip is (hopefully) all better!

Thanks for reading!

❤ Miche