Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 3: September 17th

Day 3/23

My pants are fitting more loosely than they did a week ago, which is both annoying (because they won’t stay up) and exciting! I’m not sure how often I’ll weigh myself, but I will share my overall weight change by the end of this little experiment, if there is any.

Also, I felt like I was bursting with energy all day… even more energy than I had when I drank loads of caffeine, but without the jitters!

The bad news: I started getting sharp pains in my left knee when walking. It’s the same leg as my hip injury from April-July, and my physical therapist said to watch out for the pain referring to the knees… I’m really, really hoping it’s just a fluke and not a new chronic injury. And I was planning on running tonight, too. 😦

Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be all better tomorrow so I can squat!

Macros: 77% carbs, 15% protein, 9% fat

Exercise: walked 3 miles


  • Banana oatmeal with homemade cocoa granola


  • Oil-free stir fry garlic ginger cabbage with rice
  • Blueberry nicecream (banana “ice cream”)


Afternoon snack (5pm):

  • Salad with romaine, celery, carrots, and 2 chick’n strips

Photo Sep 17, 5 18 54 PM


  • Homemade channa masala with jasmine rice

Calories: ~1660  |  Protein: 66g  |  Fiber: 49g   |   Fat: 18g

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