Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 4: September 18th

Day 4/23

Today, I realized something that blew my mind a little bit: since I’ve been easing back into HCLF for the past few weeks, I haven’t craved almond butter or chocolate at all. If you remember my past food diaries, I would find myself constantly craving and binging on almond butter and chocolate chips, even immediately after a meal. It was this horrible feeling of completely losing control, like my body just decided to take over and make me eat spoonful after spoonful. Every time I’d try to restrict my calories, I’d get those crazy cravings. It even got to the point where 40% of my calories were coming from almond butter!

I used to think that fats were essential to feeling satisfied, but now I don’t miss them at all. I have been eating some avocado occasionally in my dinner, but that isn’t because of fat cravings–it’s because I decide I want to make sushi, and my favorite kind is avocado sushi! (Not to mention, avocados are a whole food with all sorts of health benefits!)

So anyways, the point is, if you find yourself getting frequent cravings, eating HCLF vegan could help. At least it’s been working for me, because I haven’t had any cravings for anything at all lately–I just feel satisfied all the time, eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full!

Macros: 74% carbs, 13% protein, 13% fat

Exercise: none 😦 (hurt knee)

My favorite way to eat sushi: the sushirito
My favorite way to eat sushi: the sushirito


  • Banana oatmeal with homemade cocoa granola


  • Salad and a baked russet potato

Afternoon snack (4pm):

  • Blueberry nicecream


  • Homemade avocado carrot sushirito

Night snack:

  • Apple with cinnamon, and a date

Calories: ~1490  |  Protein: 52g  |  Fiber: 42g   |   Fat: 23g

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