Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 8: September 22nd

Day 8/23

I hit a PR (personal record) on my squat today! I’d like to thank carbs, and my vegan friend who lifted with me… something about commiserating over non-vegan roommates/family/friends gets me all fired up 😛

Also, I realized that last night was a milestone for me: I was able to go to a vegan potluck and have 1.5 cookies and a tiny spoonful of ice cream. I’m feeling so satisfied and energetic and happy eating whole, hclf foods, that pastries and ice cream have largely lost their appeal. Just last semester, going to potlucks meant serving myself embarrassing amounts of food (think 10 thin mints and a cup of coffee cashew ice cream, in addition to plenty of savory food) and stuffing myself to the point of feeling sick. But thanks to finally feeding myself enough consistently, I’m able to just take a bit here and there just to see what it tasted like (since I’m always looking for new recipes) and not think about it!

Being surrounded by tons of delicious free vegan food and not wanting to eat all of it–or even be all that interested in it, since I had already eaten–is a truly amazing feeling, as silly as it sounds. If any of you have struggled with binging or compulsive eating, this lifestyle might just help you too ❤

Macros: 72% carbs, 17% protein, 11% fat

Exercise: Lifted weights + walked 4.5 miles 

Photo Sep 22, 5 53 34 PM
I know this looks like weird brown mush, but it was good I swear! (Mushroom-cauli sauce over gnocchi)


  • Raw banana oatmeal with homemade cocoa granola


  • Salad (romaine, carrot, celery, tomato) and baked russet potato


  • Whole wheat gnocchi with homemade mushroom alfredo
  • Steamed & cooled Japanese sweet potato

Post workout:

  • Homemade carrot apple ginger chard juice

Calories: ~1640  |  Protein: 70g  |  Fiber: 46g   |   Fat: 21g

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