Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 10: September 24th

Day 10/23

It’s only been 10 days since I last had caffeine, but my sensitivity has gone way up! I wanted an iced tea because it was 90 degrees, and thought the mango one at Peet’s was herbal… turns out it was black tea! I felt shaky and uncomfortable just from that–I can’t imagine what coffee would do to me now.

It’s nice to have so much natural energy now, though–I hated being so reliant on my 3 cups of tea a day the last few years. Now I feel completely awake and ready to be productive as soon as I get out of bed, and that energy lasts all day!

Macros: 75% carbs, 12% protein, 12% fat

Exercise: walked 2.5 miles

Sushirito about to be rolled up
Sushirito about to be rolled up


  • Steamed Japanese sweet potato and a date


  • Banana oatmeal with homemade cocoa granola
  • Iced tea


  • Salad and avocado carrot sushirito


  • Mango and a date

Calories: ~1760  |  Protein: 58g  |  Fiber: 42g   |   Fat: 24g

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