Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 12: September 26

Day 12/23

On Saturday I lifted weights, and found myself feeling really weak and failing sets unexpectedly–in fact, I threw in the towel (literally, as I thought to myself while tossing a towel in the gym’s laundry basket) and left the gym early. Being insufferably science-oriented, I thought of some possible reasons:

  1. Full stomach from eating a big dinner an hour before: 7pm is the least crowded time I can get to the gym, so I’ve generally been lifting soon after eating. This isn’t the best because digestion is a function of the parasympathetic system which is in direct opposition to the sympathetic system that lifting relies on… so in layman’s terms, lifting on a full stomach isn’t a good idea.
  2. My protein has been lower lately due to eating less processed food, like all the protein powder and fake meat I used to eat. I also just haven’t been in a very bean-y mood for a few weeks.
  3. It’s that fun time of the month, and maybe I was also having a random low-strength day. But that can’t really be helped!

I came up with a solution to reasons 1 and 2, though: I think I’ll start having a banana protein shake around 6, so it’ll all be digested by 7 while also giving me plenty of carbs and an extra protein boost. Although it does mean more processed food in the form of protein powder, I think it’s a decent tradeoff.

Of course, if you aren’t lifting, HCLF provides well over the RDA of protein, don’t worry! I’m just an unusual case of (potentially) high protein needs–I’ll update you guys on whether or not it seems to help.

Macros: 72% carbs, 18% protein, 10% fat

Exercise: lifted weights + walked 4.5 miles



  • Steamed Japanese sweet potato and a blueberry protein bar


  • Salad and baked yukon gold french fries
  • Blueberry nicecream


  • Oil free veggie stir fry with rice


  • Clif mint builders bar

Calories: ~1870  |  Protein: 91g  |  Fiber: 63g   |   Fat: 22g

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