Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 14: September 28

Day 14/23

On Monday I had a midterm, and lifted weights afterwards at 4pm as part of my new experiment with lifting before dinner. I increased by squat by 10lbs (!) for 4 reps, which was pretty exciting!

I must have been tired out or simply overconfident by the time I got to bench press, because I failed a rep. I managed to get one side of the bar back on the rack, but the other side was hovering just above my neck, supported by my failing arms which suddenly couldn’t even lift half the necessary weight… I got it up just in time to see 2 guys rushing towards me to save me.

It was humiliating! Especially because I lift incredibly low weight, having started from what was almost certainly a negative level of fitness…

I miss having my boyfriend as spotter (we’re long distance during the school year). And I generally decide when to lift on a last-minute basis, so lifting with my friends doesn’t happen as often as I’d like because we all have crazy schedules… so I think I’m going to start benching in the power rack (which has safety bars) :/

Macros: 72% carbs, 17% protein, 11% fat

Exercise: lifted weights + walked 5 miles

The psychology cafe was nice and gave me free bread before my exam 😀


  • Banana protein shake


  • Raw banana oatmeal with homemade granola
  • Clif bar
  • Slice of bread before midterm
  • Mango iced tea


  • Oil free veggie stir fry with rice
  • Bit of homemade granola bar


  • 2 dates

Calories: ~1900  |  Protein: 82g  |  Fiber: 34g   |   Fat: 25g

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