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Day 15-16: September 29-30

For some reason, the first time I posted this it gave me an old post with no text instead! I keep having to restore to earlier revisions to get my full post back… this is so weird 😦

Anyways, I’ve been so busy with midterms and papers this week, I’m a bit behind on food diaries! So this is a combo post for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Day 15/23

I spent most of Tuesday studying, so nothing much exciting there. In the morning I stopped by Whole Foods, and found that they finally have okinawan sweet potatoes! I first tried them when I was in Hawaii this summer, and fell in love. I hadn’t been able to find them since–I’d picked up some Japanese sweet potatoes a few months back thinking they might be the same thing, and though I was wrong, I discovered I still liked them way more than the standard American ones I’d been having.

Anyways, I was really excited about the Okinawan ones on Tuesday (well, excited as one can be about potatoes) and steamed one at night, but was a bit disappointed–it was bland compared to the sweet Hawaiian ones I’d had.

Looks like I’ll be sticking to Japanese sweet potatoes, which I actually am a bit addicted to now!

This is what a pound of french fries looks like!
This is what a pound of french fries looks like!

Macros: 73% carbs, 17% protein, 10% fat

Exercise: walked 5 miles


  • Banana protein shake


  • Decaf soy latte
  • Salad and 1lb of baked, oil-free yukon gold fries


  • Brown rice risotto with mushrooms and brussels sprouts
  • 150g of okinawan sweet potato


  • 5 dates

Calories: ~1850  |  Protein: 84g  |  Fiber: 45g   |   Fat: 22g


Day 15/23

I took two midterms, and started in on a paper. In other sweet-potato-related news, it was a lovely rainy day, so I came up with a new super simple dinner concept: sweet potato soup. But not just any sweet potato soup. It was the simplest, creamiest, and perhaps most heavenly soup I’ve ever had.

I think I’ll be taking some real photos and posting the recipe the next time I make it! Just have to wait for the weather to cool down again…

Photo Sep 30, 6 49 30 PM

Macros: 67% carbs, 18% protein, 15% fat

Exercise: walked 5 miles


  • Raw banana protein oats


  • Soy matcha latte
  • Clif bar
  • Baked, oil-free yukon gold fries


  • Roasted brussels sprouts with sweet chili sauce
  • Sweet potato soup


  • Homemade carrot apple chard juice

Calories: ~1780  |  Protein: 81g  |  Fiber: 40g   |   Fat: 29g

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