Starch Solution, Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 6 of Higher Carb Starch Solution: April 19th

Day 6/28

I’ve lost another quarter inch off my waist, so in 6 days it’s gone from 25 inches to 24.5 inches, while I’ve been eating as much as I want of my favorite foods (which is a lot of food–I had 2700 calories today!). Not to mention, my grocery bill is halved eating this way: I biked to the store today and got a week’s worth of food for $30, despite the fact that here in the Bay area groceries are about 20% more expensive than the national average.

Also, for any nutritional naysayers out there: today I got 200% of my daily iron requirement and 90 grams of protein (my RDA is 40g) without trying! (In addition to 100%+ of everything else I need)

Apple pie grape nuts

Macros: 79% carbs, 14% protein, 7% fat

Exercise: biked for 20 minutes, lifted weights for an hour


  • Apple pie grape nuts
  • Half a slice of chocolate zucchini banana bread


  • Peach ginger green tea
  • Carrot sushi bowl
  • Chocolate banana smoothie

Post-lifting snack

  • 3 slices of sourdough with pumpkin butter*


  • Pulled BBQ carrot burger with a seitan patty
  • Baked yukon gold fries

Night snack

  • 2 black bean bliss balls
  • 2 slices chocolate zucchini banana bread

Calories eaten: 2685 | Calories burned: 1730 (from Fitbit HR data)

(*Everything is made by me except those with a * –feel free to request recipe posts for anything you’d like to know about 🙂 )

Thanks for reading!


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