Starch Solution, Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 12 of Higher Carb Starch Solution: April 25th

Day 12/28

Today was a near-catastrophe: a bound copy of my thesis was due at 4pm, and although I had planned to get it all done over the weekend (I hate doing things at the last minute), I was waiting for final feedback and thus had to wait til today. I went to the nearest copy store at noon (which was earlier than some of my fellow thesis writers!), only to find that the entire block had no power and all the stores were closed. Turns out most of the city lost power this morning, but my apartment was spared!

So instead of eating lunch at a normal time, I ran all over town like a maniac looking for a functional copy store. Thankfully, the third one I tried was open–and they told me that they had literally gotten power back 2 minutes before I got there. So I got my thesis turned in with a few hours to spare. Talk about good luck! (Except for the fact that I ran into a couple of professors I know while I was frazzled, sweaty, out of breath, and in gym clothes.)

And thankfully, I always keep a Clif bar in my backpack for times like these, so it kept me going til my real lunch.

Macros: 76% carbs, 14% protein, 10% fat

Exercise: biked for 20 minutes, ran for 20, walked for 40


  • Banana oatmeal
  • Coldbrew coffee


  • Clif bar
  • Carrot sushi bowl with cauliflower rice
  • Chocolate nicecream (banana “ice cream”)


  • Head of romaine hearts + a tomato
  • Roasted russet bites with pinto bean hummus
  • Japanese sweet potato

Calories eaten: 1800 | Calories burned: 1890 (according to Fitbit data)

(*Everything is made by me except those with a * –feel free to request recipe posts for anything you’d like to know about 🙂 )

Thanks for reading!


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