Starch Solution, Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 13 of Higher Carb Starch Solution: April 26th

Day 13/28

Mildly amusing vegan-related gym story time: I got kicked out of the main weight room while lifting since they were starting a class, so I asked the guy at the lone bench in the next room if I could use his bench when he finished. I did my bench press, then later while I was doing cable kickbacks and trying to look at my form in the mirror (and make sure I wouldn’t kick anyone since it’s happened before), the same guy walked by twice and it probably looked like I was staring creepily at him–I smiled to seem less creepy, then realized that probably also wasn’t the best idea. Then he happened to leave immediately after me and offered me a yogurt drink that they were giving out for free in front of the gym, and I said “no thanks, I’m vegan” (since I never turn down food otherwise!) I always forget how new, non-vegan people react to that statement!

He ended up walking with me for 10 minutes, asking me questions about why I’m vegan and saying “but where do you get your protein?!” I answered that plants are higher in protein per calorie (check out this infographic I made about it!), that I’m ethically vegan, etc. He asked why dairy was wrong and I explained how the dairy cows are imprisoned until they’re slaughtered for not producing enough milk, and their calves get stuffed into veal crates.

Poor guy probably had no idea what he was getting into, but at least I was able to spread the message a little bit 😉 (And my boyfriend will probably find the situation amusing.)

In other news, post lifting is the best time for a gourmet vegan cinnamon roll! I went with cream cheese frosting and cookie dough on top (one of their classics), and they were so kind as to give me extra cookie dough. But it was a bit too sweet for my taste (even bananas can sometimes be too sweet for me these days)–I think my appetite for cinnamon rolls has been satisfied for the foreseeable future.  😛

Macros: 76% carbs, 12% protein, 12% fat

Exercise: biked for 30 minutes, hour long lifting session


  • Banana steel cut oats
  • Coldbrew coffee

Snack after biking

  • Apple
  • Russet potato & japanese sweet potato


  • Chocolate nicecream (banana “ice cream”)


  • Cookie dough cinnamon roll
  • Pulled BBQ carrots

Calories eaten: 1690 | Calories burned: 1815 (according to Fitbit data)

(*Everything is made by me except those with a * –feel free to request recipe posts for anything you’d like to know about 🙂 )

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Day 13 of Higher Carb Starch Solution: April 26th”

  1. Oh, yes, on the top of every vegan’s frequently asked questions: “Where do you get your protein?” I probably answered that question enough times to respond really fast while listing all the vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, roots, fruits, etc. to freak them out.

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